Denmark - September, 2022

In October of last year I moved to a place with a beautiful piano. Holland was locked up once again because of the pandemic, and this gave me time to let my thoughts escape through my fingers. I took the time to write more and more compositions, which eventually formed an album. Just before going on a 2 month trip to Mexico, I spend a day in the Wisseloord Studios to record the full album. While being in Mexico the idea dawned on me that I want to spend my trip in a different way. I want to move by using my legs, and want to communicate by using my hands. This means that I will be cycling through Denmark in September of 2022, and hopefully will be playing my music throughout the country. If you could help me in any way, that would be a true gift. Thank you for your time and hopefully we will meet in person soon.

Rough planning:29.08 - 04.09 = Copenhagen, Virum. Helsingør, Nødebo05.09 - 12.09 = Nykøbing Sj, Jyderup, Samsø, Aarhus12.09 - 02.10 = open for suggestions

For questions, suggestions, or contact in general, you can reach me by clicking HERE.